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April 24 Sun Life Financial- Sport Fest Windsor  Overall    Group

May 23 Total Fitness Victoria Day 1k & 5k  Overall   Group

May 30 National Sports Jennifer Ashleigh 11th annual   5k  Overall   Group

June 6 Trot to the Beach 1/2 marathon Overall   Group   5k Over Group

June 13 Tortoise & the Hare  5k  Overall   Group

June 27 Lifestyle Family Fitness  5k & 10k  Overall   Group

July 17 Belle River Source for Sports, Sunsplash  5k   Overall   Group

Aug. 8 Children 1st  5k & 10k   Overall   Group

Aug. 22 ERCA Hawk Run  5k    Overall   Group

Sept 6 John Smith  5k& 10k    Overall   Group

Sept 25 Racing the Vine  5k   Overall   Group

Standings as of Oct 24 2010  (not corrected for Jan. 1 age & W.R.A.C.E. groups) PDF format

Oct 2 Great Pumpkin Run (Non point event)         Overall Group

Oct 11 Rainbow Run Results         WRACE- Overall   Group

Oct 24 Halloween Hoot Results Overall   Group

Nov. 13 Movember (Non point event) results

Nov. 14 Jingle Bell Run 5 & 10K  Overall   Group

Nov. 27 Santa Clause 4k (non point event)  Overall  Group

Dec. 27  Standings PDF format    Jan 1 2010 age groups